What Makes A Home Automation System Work?

Home automation 4 468692317The home automation system is truly a wondrous thing. Think about it – your home can actually DO something for you besides provide shelter and a roof over your head. It can protect you with a high quality video surveillance alarm system. It can give you personalized heating settings in every room of your house so that you keep your room at a comfortable 72 degrees while your teenage daughter (who is always freezing) can keep her room at 80 degrees. Your home can control the lighting to automatically turn on or off when someone enters a room. You can be connected to your home auto system so that wherever you go, you know exactly what’s going on at your abode. How does it do all that? Without going into the nitty gritty and detailing how all the nuts and bolts connect, we’ll give you a brief overview of the home automation system and how it could make a difference in your home.

The Set Up

Understanding how a home automation system is set up is, of course, going to be the best way to understand how it works. Consulting a professional would get you more details, which is encouraged, but here are a few basics about the set up for home automation systems. No matter what kind of system you’re going for, there are several ways of hooking it up:

First, you can set it up using your power lines. By taking advantage of the power lines you already have in place for your home, you won’t have to deal with setting up new wiring or tearing down walls. Thus, this is probably the most affordable way of putting together a home automation system. It can also be the most limiting, as you only have the freedom allotted to you by the wiring already in place – you won’t be able to set up some features if there are no power lines available there.

Project 113629983Second, you can install a wired home automation system or home security system. Putting new wired Cat 5 cables into your home can be a difficult and expensive process, as it means going through your walls and working around the wiring you already have. But it can be done in nearly any home, particular if the home is newer. And if you go this route, you should definitely hire a professional do so for you because they are trained to know how to make it all work together safely and efficiently without affecting the old wiring. One of the key benefits of using a wired system is that you have the freedom of choice in what features you want and where do you want them, because you’re not bound to pre-installed wiring. Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about potential connectivity problems due to wireless connections, which is the third way of setting up a home automation system.

Third, as we mentioned, is the wireless home automation system. Of course, chief of the benefits for wireless is the convenience of not having to install wiring. Wireless systems usually work well with existing networks such as WiFi in the home, which makes it easier for everyone.

How Home Automation Systems Work

Of the three types of set ups mentioned above, there are yet more options for types of systems. These include anything from human machine interfaces to distributed control systems. How these work varies according to type, of course, but generally speaking, the system is programmed with specific settings and then acts accordingly. You may set the system to know when to adjust the heat or air conditioning at various times of day, in various rooms in the house, etc. Some systems are made to recognize patterns in daily living and respond accordingly. Others are not meant to be programmed but instead have sensors – for example, a lighting system may turn on or off when movement is detected, or a video surveillance system may automatically turn on when it senses that someone is attempting to enter the house through the back door or a window. Your typical home automation system will include sensors, controllers for programming, and actuators for manual use when appropriate. With all of these combined features and with the help of a home automation professional for advice and installation, you will be able to put together the ideal system for you and your family.

Senior couple looking at a mobile tablet 477254817Even if it seems that a home automation system may not be within your budget, you can feel assured that there’s something for everyone. Any questions you have, you can put before a professional in the industry and they can help you to know exactly what you can have for your home. And then they will help you to put it together and install it! Consider the valuable information here to see what features you could have in your home system and without a doubt, something will fit perfectly with your needs, your family’s needs, and even your wallet’s need to stay reasonably full. For additional information, call 866-565-4305.