Smart Thermostat, Part of Awesome Home Automation

Household energy usage meter 186796121If you can have a smart phone or a smart car, why can’t you have a smart thermostat? Fact is, you can – recent technological advances have led to even better programming for home automation products like your thermostat. Here is a little bit of information about what a smart thermostat is, the different varieties, and considerations for whether or not you should get one for your home automation system.

What It Is

This popular new development in home automation has some people really excited. Interestingly, the smart thermostat is in some ways no more than just intelligent programming. But it’s more than other thermostats which you can program to know what temperature to be set at for various times of day and various days of the week. This model can be programmed remotely, for one, using only your smartphone or an app on your laptop or tablet. You can also see immediately how your habits for heating and cooling are costing you, and if you adjust those settings, you’ll see immediate changes to how much you will be spending. They adjust the temperature by factoring in environmental considerations such as humidity. Most interestingly, a smart thermostat can actually learn from what you do – it’ll know to heat up or cool down the house before you get home from work so that conditions are comfortable when you return. In addition, some types have a built-in motion sensor, so if the thermostat senses motion, it’ll adjust the thermostat accordingly. Conversely, if there’s no motion detected, it’ll know you’re away and lower the power to reduce costs.


Of the above features, some are isolated to certain types of smart thermostats. For example, some have the ability to be programmed or powered remotely while others can learn from the behaviors of the homeowner and do not need to be programmed. Of course, the highest quality smart thermostats have all these features. Because of its fancy features, the smart thermostat can be pretty expensive – usually at least $200, some more like $300-500.

Things to Consider

Home Icon Set 187038405There are a few things to consider when looking into purchasing a smart thermostat. For one, some are easier or more difficult to install. The models that are easier to install, such as the Nest and Ecobee, you can save money with by installing yourself. There’s also the cost of the smart thermostat, which means that with the high initial investment it may or may not end up saving you money overall. Of course, consider also how long you plan to stay in your current residence. If this is for your home that you’ve recently purchased or one where you plan to stay for a good long while, OR if you’d take the thermostat with you to your new place, then it may be a good idea to purchase. If, however, you’re dependent on a landlord or you are planning all sorts of home improvement projects that will cost you lots of money, perhaps you should reconsider. Lastly, if your goal is to save money, consider whether it’s wisest to buy a smart thermostat or another programmable thermostat. You may be able to save money with a cheaper option, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best choice for you. Using a thermostat that can actually learn from your behaviors means that you don’t have to worry about it, so if you are one who constantly forgets about the heat or AC and consequently wastes money for yourself, a smart thermostat may be an excellent idea. And additionally, being able to see what you’re spending immediately on your phone app will be a great indicator of whether or not you are saving money.

On top of everything, the smart thermostat is one of the coolest new home automation products and allows you all kinds of freedoms. It may be expensive, but one thing is clear: home automation never looked or felt so good.